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MP3 ramblings - The Eternal Observer
To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
MP3 ramblings
Roughly 3-4 years ago, I lost pretty much my entire music collection that I had been collecting since 1997 or so. I tried every trick I knew (and a few I didn't), but it was completely unrecoverable. Since then, I have re-found most of the music I used to have (at least, the ones I *remember* I had), but there are still holes in my collection that bother me.

In particular, there is one piece of music I've been trying to find for I don't know how long now. While I can still remember almost all of the actual song itself, I can remember very little actual information *about* the piece:

  • It was pre-98.

  • It was from either an anime or a video game.

  • It had the word 'Mission' somewhere in the title.

  • It was track 3? Or maybe mission 3? There was a 3 involved.

  • The piece could be divided into three sections: a 1st and 3rd movement in F major involving mostly acoustic guitar work (with the third being mostly a mirror of the first), and a 2nd that was orchestral, in D major (with a different theme).

Numerous searches involving Yahoo!, Google, and Live have revealed nothing useful, and like all trivial unsolved mysteries drives me absolutely nuts. Strangely enough, it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when I was showing a friend some music notation software I had downloaded that the idea was ventured: "Why don't you just make a MIDI of it and see if anyone recognizes it?"


I'm working on that now. Hopefully, I can start posting it soon in various places and see if I find anything.

(I wonder if I've posted something about this before. Hmm)
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alcamar From: alcamar Date: May 13th, 2009 09:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
If you don't get a response here, try posting the question on yahoo questions. Random ppl like answering questions, cuz it gets them points, or something like that. You'll get alot of stupid responses where people don't read anything but the first line, but maybe, eventually, you'll get the answer :)
stephaneyney From: stephaneyney Date: May 13th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mission Kashmir?

Bumbro is a kickin' song.
k_may_li From: k_may_li Date: May 14th, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
If you make the midi, I'll give it a listen and see if I can help ID. :) I know a fair amount of anime/game music pre-98.
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