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The Eternal Observer
To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
Oh. Right. Before I forget:

Thank you very much to all who have sent well-wishes in various forms in the past few days. I'm horrible about responding to these sorts of things, but please don't take my tardiness to mean that your kind thoughts were not very well appreciated.

(Still don't feel right.)
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Roughly 3-4 years ago, I lost pretty much my entire music collection that I had been collecting since 1997 or so. I tried every trick I knew (and a few I didn't), but it was completely unrecoverable. Since then, I have re-found most of the music I used to have (at least, the ones I *remember* I had), but there are still holes in my collection that bother me.

In particular, there is one piece of music I've been trying to find for I don't know how long now. While I can still remember almost all of the actual song itself, I can remember very little actual information *about* the piece:

  • It was pre-98.

  • It was from either an anime or a video game.

  • It had the word 'Mission' somewhere in the title.

  • It was track 3? Or maybe mission 3? There was a 3 involved.

  • The piece could be divided into three sections: a 1st and 3rd movement in F major involving mostly acoustic guitar work (with the third being mostly a mirror of the first), and a 2nd that was orchestral, in D major (with a different theme).

Numerous searches involving Yahoo!, Google, and Live have revealed nothing useful, and like all trivial unsolved mysteries drives me absolutely nuts. Strangely enough, it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when I was showing a friend some music notation software I had downloaded that the idea was ventured: "Why don't you just make a MIDI of it and see if anyone recognizes it?"


I'm working on that now. Hopefully, I can start posting it soon in various places and see if I find anything.

(I wonder if I've posted something about this before. Hmm)
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I never thought I would see that day, but now I has PROOFS!

Then I went home and slept profusely.
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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Watch as everything you know about the world changes in a blink of an eye. Hell freezes over! Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!

...ok, maybe slightly less dramatic. I'm graduating, though. That hasn't happened in about a dozen years.

Here's the thing: You're invited. Anyone you know is invited. Anyone *they* know is invited. Pretty much anyone who doesn't actively dislike me is invited.

11:00 am, Lycaeum circle. (Ok, technically, the whole thing starts at 9 in the Grove. However, that's just the opening and speaker and such. The actual commencement ceremony is in the Circle.)

Be there, or, well... be somewhere else :p Possibly something going on that evening, as well. Maybe. I should find out.

Yay last-minute planning! Eh, I was never that big on grand extravaganzas anyway.
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If you are one who prays, please remember me in your prayers today. I have two tests ahead of me this afternoon (my 2nd and 3rd of the day, no less) that I am extremely worried about - both are in classes with which I'm struggling, and both will have major impact on the rest of my semester. I'm gonna need all the help I can get on this one.

(If you are not, a kind thought/wish will be just as appreciated)

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Taylor and Paris just both got hit with tornados (both touched down), 2-3 more in the area. One heading directly for Oxford, from what they say on the radio.
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This might be a bit of a Battlestar spoiler for some, so it's behind a tag.Collapse )
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So, I ended up meeting my boss at Off-Square Books today, a little bit after work. There was a *ton* of people there, as would be expected. I get in line to purchase a book, and about halfway there I notice Todd Rowland sitting in one of the chairs (one of the L5R head honchos, for those who don't recognize the name). I wave and say hi (we talked a bit at Midsouthcon, though he probably doesn't remember me from Adam). Eventually, I am ushered into the back of the room (thank God for ceiling fans - they had many of them going at full blast, and I am convinced that's the only way both he and I were able to survive in the heat and the press of people), where within a few minutes I'm shaking hands with Alton Brown. :) He was very cordial, though a bit tired - completely understandable as this was the tail end of the book-signing. I don't know that I would have made it without snapping at least once.

So, now I have a signed copy of Cooking with Asphalt. It's a good book, too; at least, what I've read so far.
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Csci 300 Social Responsibility in Comp. Science A A - Excellent 1
Csci 311 Models of Computation B B - Good 3
Csci 423 Introduction to Operating Systems B B - Good 3
Csci 450 Organization of Programming Languages B B - Good 3
Math 301 Discrete Mathematics C C - Average 3

Ok, my Discrete grade should have been a bit higher (damn induction!) but holy shit I made it! That means my aid is safe for next semester, and everything becomes a bit easier because of that ;) (oh, and I'm also taking 15 hours instead of 12 next semester).


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Happy Thanksgiving, ya filthy animals. :)
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