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The Eternal Observer
To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
sleEp is FOR the weaK
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BTW, a belated, but still very heartfelt thank-you to everyone for the birthday wishes, and the party that I shared with Liz this past weekend :)

Oh, 'fore I forget. See the music that I've listed in this and the previous post? It's something I just found on Overclocked, and it's fooking *awesome*. It's basically some of the themes from Zelda 64, twisted and bended into a very smooth, almost R&B sounding piece with electric pianos, guitars, cellos, and other warm and funky goodness.

You should get it.

Current Music: OverClocked remix - Pachebel's Ganon

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You know, I've gotten relatively proficient at writing papers in the 6.02 x 10^23 years that I've been a college student, but damn if they don't ever get less irritating.

Blech. 6 more pages by midnight and I'll be done. Good thing most of this is citing and commenting on researched material ;)

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Current Music: OverClocked remix - Pachebel's Ganon

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I turned 28 today.

Man, do I feel old.
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In the interest of keeping in contact with some people who do not use LiveJournal, and convincing some folks I knew in high school that I'm not dead, I have created a MySpace account. It will really only be used for that purpose, so do not expect tons of images, video, and other clutter on it. :p I'll keep it updated decently enough, though (maybe. God knows my track record on here isn't the best).

Oh, yeah. You're gonna need a URL, aren't you. FINE. Here.

Maybe I won't regret it.
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Editor's note: The post previously contained in this space has been deleted as it was based on a ruling that has since been vetoed by the Powers That Be (at least, Hosting). This is not the rant you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along. Move along.

Still feel fekkin' old, though. 25, sheesh.

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Current Music: AC/DC - Highway to Hell

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Today was warm (friggin' end of October), and breezy. Very nice that.

Walking around campus, I realized what would have made it even better: the smell of salt air, seagulls crying in the background, and a deck slowly swaying under my feet. It would have been a perfect day to be out on the water. added to Things To Eventually Do: own a boat. One that's at least big enough for extended fishing trips.
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And just like that, my Internet connection is restored.

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I used to be so perceptive.

When did I lose that?

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Current Music: Matrix Revolutions sdtk - Neodammerung

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Ah, crap!

I just looked up from work stuff and realized I've completely forgotten to ask about a ride to Movie Night stuff tonight... anyone still on that can help a guy out?
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